What our guests say

Staying here is easy.

As soon as you make that left turn into Grumpsters you’ll wonder how you were transported into this secluded, peaceful pocket in the hills of the Mississippi River Valley–you did just drive a few blocks from downtown McGregor. Welcome to your hideaway. Your haven. Your retreat.

We have a place just for you. Grumpsters Cabins are custom log homes designed and built with rustic comfort in mind, from their decor–handcrafted by local artisans–to the log furniture, fireplace, and porch. Relaxing begins soon as you open the front door.

Grumpsters House is a beautiful getaway for that well-deserved downtime. There is ample space, thanks to its open floor plan, yet it offers opportunities for areas you can claim as “favorite spot” for quiet time during your vacation. Staying here is easy. (Shouldn’t it be?)

About the name
Terry and Juanita Lang, the original owners, had not given much thought to what they would name their getaway while building the cabins. Terry was not having the best of days during a visit from their granddaughter, Molly, who noticed. She looked up to him and said, "Grandpa, you're just being an old Grumpster!"

Jon and Cheri Moser and family are the new owners of Grumpsters Cabins. They live right here in McGregor, Cheri's hometown. When they learned the Langs were ready to retire and spend more time with family, Jon and Cheri saw an opportunity to continue running the cabins (just as Terry and Juanita did) that have been a favorite destination for a lot of people for many years.